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Cano Cristales is a unique and the beautiful river located in the Serranía de la Macarena, Columbia. It is the world’s most beautiful rivers, commonly called The River of Five Colors, The Liquid Rainbow or Rainbow River.  The color formed from the algae produced colors like red, yellow, green and blue at the bottom of the river giving it a unique appearance. It is obvious natural beauty so very natural and very beautiful.

Cano Cristales The River of Five Colors Cano Cristales, The River of Five Colors in Columbia

Cano Cristales, The River of Five Colors

As rocky bed of Cano Cristales, just a shower of moderate intensity so That your wealth grow in an impressive manner, Leaving the traveler isolated on its Shores. However, the river tends to Decrease with the Same speed. Cano Cristales is a succession of Rapids, Waterfalls, and pocetas correones. The waters are so pure That displays the background and all the magic Surrounding this beautiful river.

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