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Latvia: An Undiscovered Paradise

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Since the fall of the Berlin Wall many parts of Europe is widely accessible to tourists for the first time. Cities like Prague and Budapest became a mystery for so long, but now the center of attention in tourism map of Europe. Riga, capital of Latvia, it seems safe to follow.

No part of the Soviet Union, Latvia has opened its borders and embrace newcomers. It has a dramatic impact on many parts of the country, but perhaps especially in the capital. Riga maintains many original beauty, however, be more “tourist friendly”. Many visitors come here as a tourist, but then decided to say – expat communities to grow and invest in the future of this country.

So what is it about alien seems magical Riga? On the one hand, is the atmosphere of the place. Riga is preserved architectural decoration, making the city a great place to wander around. Art Nouveau architecture that survives from the 19th century was a joy to behold – the beauty of some parts of the city (and state) never ceases to amaze.

Latvia is known as a free spirit and enjoyment of life. Nowhere is this more clearly seen than spend the night in one of the city’s many bars, clubs and pubs. There is a spirit in Riga for a long time in memory. Although citizens of Vilnius and Tallinn may not agree, many feel Riga is the real treasure of the Baltic.

Be forgiven for thinking that a visit to a country where major cities have beautiful architecture, wonderful atmosphere and a great night life can entail considerable cost. Fortunately, it did not happen. It is a place you can visit the culprit on a budget, as prices in Latvia are lower than those experienced in Western Europe.

You will see that the biggest cost you almost certainly will be your flight – accommodation can be found at a reasonable price, while the cost of living tend to be much less than you used to.

So what are you waiting for? Latvia expectations!

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