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The Reclining Buddha Statue in Penang Thai Temple

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Penang is no doubt famous beautiful temple. If you teach the streets of Penang is easy to see many temples with beautiful design and unique architecture. One of the many beautiful temples Wat Chayamangkalaram famous Penang, Penang temple known as Thailand, which is the only Thai temple in Penang. Penang temple is famous for its giant reclining Buddha statue lying in the hall of the temple.

Penang temple was built in 1845 to serve the spiritual needs of the community Penang Thailand. Queen Victoria donated two acres of land to a group of Thai monks to build a beautiful temple of Penang as a gesture of goodwill towards Thailand and the Thai people in Penang. You can find the largest Buddhist temple in Penang Burma Road, Pulau Tikus right in the center of Georgetown.

If you want to fully experience the vitality of this temple Penang, you must come during major Buddhist festival Loy Krathong and Songkran where you can see hundreds of pilgrims flock to the shrine to pray and make offerings . During Songkran, the water festival, do not expect to be soaked wet with water splashing around as acting as fans wish good luck to all!

Upon entering the courtyard of the temple Penang at the main entrance, you’ll see two guards temple with carved dragon heads of two snakes curled up in front of them. The Guardian green with colorful face incredible sight to see. Penang Thai Buddhist Temple is the architectural design is sure to attract attention to the beauty and skilled craftsmanship.

Upon entering the temple, the Thousand Buddha Hall, which contains a statue of the reclining Buddha statue will see hundreds of exciting walls covered in gold. The main attraction of the temple hall Penang, of course, lying Buddha himself. The giant statue of the reclining Buddha is 33 meters gold. Eyes and nails carefully carved into the gem. Reclining Buddha statue 14 is the largest of its kind in the world. Majestic reclining Buddha statue is the historical Buddha during the time of his death. Calm face reclining Buddha at the end of the season symbols explanation.

You can also find many urns containing the ashes of the past behind them rested Buddha statue. As you look around the room temple can also find the golden Buddha images painted on the walls to add to the beauty of this temple is covered Penang. Beautiful pictures testify artistic skills Thai artist commissioned to do the artwork. You should not miss seeing the colorful murals also found the back of the Reclining Buddha. Murals depict mythological scenes in the life of Buddha. If you look down at the floor of the temple you can see the tile has the shape of a lotus pattern, which is a unique symbol of Buddhism.

Thai temple in Penang is definitely a place you should not miss visiting. Giant reclining Buddha statue alone is worth coming here. So, why not pay a visit to this magnificent temple Penang now?

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